Christmas Ice

20th December 2011

There’s a wonderful exhibition of Antarctic cartography, photography and archival material on at the moment at the NSW State Library—if you can bring yourself to weather the festive consumption that has engulfed the city beyond! Fascinating to see how malleable the continent’s boundaries have been throughout exploration (and indeed still are, as a result of global climate change). As this site, built by my good friends at Tonne Gramme, attests, I have an ongoing obsession with maps: particularly oceanographic and polar maps.

I’m reading this evening alongside Sydney City Poet Kate Middleton in the galleries, a series of artistic responses to Antarctica. It’ll be a quiet sort of an event; a chance to meditate on what Melville called the “dumb blankness, full of meaning, in a wide landscape of snows,” and hopefully an antidote to the freneticism of December. Starts at 6pm, registrations online.