The ReReaders

24th July 2011

Since arriving in Sydney I’ve been working with two exceptionally talented writers – Sam Twyford-Moore and Fiona Wright, along with the radio producer Jessica Minshall – to create a fortnightly podcast on matters literary and cultural. The result is The ReReaders, an audio project in its fledgling stages. The first episode (entitled “Out of Money, Out of Home, Out of It“) was launched early last week. We have already begun mapping out a schedule for forthcoming discussions.

The idea motivating The ReReaders was to extend the conversation around works of print journalism, online commentary and other cultural creations beyond their immediate circulation. But it’s also an eavesdrop of our ordinary debates, as they would take place on any given evening over drinks or dumplings, in any number of sticky-floored venues around the city. We mean for you to draw up a chair, punctuate points of agreement with slaps on the table, and certainly to argue with us. That’s why it’s also called – at least, when you squint at the URL – “There, Readers” (take that, Readers!). We like the fractiousness of writing that divides opinion, that starts a debate with the world at large, and with itself. In the future we plan to host a number of phone-in guests too, to develop the conversation beyond our local spaces.

You can keep a track of The Readers on the website and through various social media platforms (Twitter & Facebook), and you can also subscribe through the iTunes store. There is space on the site for any feedback you may have on the episodes, to recommend future texts, or to post public jeremiads. Oh, but our electric ears are burning already!