For Those Who Like Their Reading Electric

2nd May 2012

I have a story entitled “The Nocturnals” appearing in the latest edition of The Review of Australian Fiction (Vol. 2, No. 3), now available through Book.ish. The RAF is an online journal, delivering two stories every fortnight—one by an established writer selected by the editors, and the other by an emerging writer selected by the established writer. The stories are designed to be read on a computer, or any of the various mobile devices that people use as books on public transport (iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Android). The RAF is also accessible in both on- and offline modes, depending on your specific technology.

“The Nocturnals” is a story thematically based on interruption and foreclosure—it takes place in altered environments, using the jerrybuilt ritual of star-gazing to deal with suspended grief. I am indebted to the author James Bradley, who put my name forward to the RAF, and whose story “Visitors” also appears in this edition. There are some interesting (if coincidental!) harmonics between the two stories, which I think indicates some shared preoccupations between my work and James’.

The edition sells for a best buy, bargain price of $2.99, and half of that goes back to the authors. Back issues include stories by Christos Tsiolkas, Kalinda Ashton, David Foster, and P.M. Newton. You can get a taste of my story after the jump, on this website.